Biden Issues Comments On Greek Independence Day


The incompetence of the Biden administration was on full display yet again as the president stumbled his way through a reception for Greek Independence Day. It’s becoming all too common to witness these embarrassing performances from the so-called leader of the free world.

In his typical fashion, Biden couldn’t resist inserting himself into every culture, claiming to have been raised by the Puerto Rican, Jewish, and Black communities. He even went as far as to pander to the Greek community despite it being unclear why Greek Independence Day warranted a White House reception.

But perhaps the most concerning aspect of Biden’s speech was his deteriorating mental state. From his constant brain breaks to ordering his teleprompter operator to roll the script back, it’s clear that Biden is not fit to lead this country. The infamous “lean-in” toward the microphone has become a tell-tale sign that things are about to get weird, but really, can we even call it weird anymore? This is just normal for Biden, which is truly alarming.

And, of course, no Biden speech would be complete without him repeating a well-worn lie. This time, it was the tall tale of traveling “17,000 miles” with Xi Jinping and standing with him on the Tibetan plateau. This claim has been debunked time and time again, even by The Washington Post, but Biden continues to repeat it without consequence.