Boston Hospital Makes Big Changes Regarding Contacting Officials


In the latest installment of woke insanity, a Boston hospital has announced that it will be reevaluating its policies in order to avoid perpetuating “structural racism.”

Yes, you read that correctly – a hospital is now concerned with being racist against drug-addicted pregnant women.

According to Mass General Brigham, a nonprofit health care system, Black mothers are more likely to be reported for child abuse and neglect if a toxicology report comes back positive. Instead of addressing the root cause of this issue – drug use during pregnancy – the hospital has decided to focus on the race of the mothers in question.

But it gets even more absurd. The hospital claims that “substance use disorder” (aka drug addiction) is a condition with “significant racial and ethnic inequities.” Are they seriously trying to blame racism for someone’s decision to do drugs while pregnant?

In an effort to alleviate this so-called inequity, the hospital will no longer automatically report pregnant women who are using drugs to child welfare agencies. Apparently, holding drug-using mothers accountable for their actions is now considered racist.

But don’t worry, the hospital wants you to know that their new policies are based on “sound science” and in line with the recommendations of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). So I guess we should all blindly trust that these doctors know what they’re doing, right?

Wrong. This is nothing more than political correctness infiltrating the medical field. The ACOG’s recommendations are based on the idea that drug testing without consent is a violation of privacy – not on the notion that addressing drug use during pregnancy is racist.

And let’s not forget about the fact that this hospital is essentially condoning drug use during pregnancy by no longer reporting it to child welfare agencies. How is this in the best interest of the child? Oh, that’s right. It’s not.

But Mass General Brigham wants you to know that they are focused on achieving “health equity” for their patients. Because in today’s world, it’s more important to appear woke than to actually prioritize the well-being of innocent children.

“Our policy now requires written consent for toxicology testing of any expecting mother or infant in most cases. This change is aligned with the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) public policy statement here. A number of health care systems throughout the United States have already adopted this policy update to ensure that all families have access to safe, effective, evidence-based, and equitable care,” the hospital stated.

In their effort to avoid being labeled as “racist,” this hospital is perpetuating the cycle of drug addiction and putting the lives of unborn babies at risk. And all under the guise of fighting against “structural racism.”