Attorney In Fulton County Case Comments On Alleged Recording


Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, who is leading the highly controversial racketeering case against former President Donald Trump and his allies, is facing new allegations of misconduct.

In a recent interview, attorney Christopher Kachouroff, who is representing co-defendant Harrison Floyd, accused Willis of illegally recording a phone call between her and one of Kachouroff’s colleagues from Maryland. According to Kachouroff, Willis was “rude and abrupt” with the lawyer and secretly recorded the conversation without their consent.

“She did reach out to us, one of my colleagues in Maryland, and was rude, abrupt with him on the phone, and he was dealing with the Maryland case and I was dealing with the Georgia case, and she ended up recording him,” Kachouroff said.

This is a serious violation of Maryland’s Wiretap Act, which forbids recording private conversations without the consent of all parties involved. If found guilty, Willis could face up to five years in prison and hefty fines. It’s important to note that the laws of Georgia, where the trial is taking place, also forbid this type of behavior.

Floyd, who founded the organization Black Voices for Trump, has been the only Trump co-defendant to be jailed since the indictment was filed. His attorneys have argued that he cannot receive a fair trial in Fulton County due to Willis’ conduct. They have requested to have his trial moved to Coffee County, a nearby jurisdiction.

In response to these new accusations, Floyd took to social media to demand Willis’ recusal from the case. He made it clear that if she does not step down by Friday, he will pursue all lawful remedies available to him. This is another blow to Willis’ already shaky credibility and raises further doubts about her ability to handle this high-profile case fairly.

Floyd took to X on Thursday evening to demand that Willis recuse herself from the case by Friday. “I may have no other choice than to pursue all lawful remedies,” he wrote.

Willis has been embroiled in controversy since the beginning of the trial. The recent disqualification hearing brought forward by former Georgia Republican Party chairman David Shafer revealed that she was having an extramarital affair with Nathan Wade, a special prosecutor hired to work on the Trump case. While both Willis and Wade claim their relationship began after he was hired, a former employee of the district attorney’s office testified that the affair had been going on for much longer.

While the judge in the case, Scott McAffee, did not disqualify Willis outright, he has agreed to reopen the case for further evidence to be presented at a later date. This is a clear indication that there are serious concerns about Willis’ handling of the case and her potential bias.