Whiny Californian Gets A Dose Of Reality But Manages To Miss The Point


There’s a recent article that got published in at the Bussiness Insider that is getting a lot of attention.

The writer, Brett Alder, is from California and was part of the great exodus out of the state, but now he’s not happy and is whining about it.

There’s a lot to unpack in this post, so let’s get started…

Alder complained that he has found that Austin is not cheaper than California after moving from San Diego in 2015. His family whined about prices but moved into one of the most expensive areas in Texas.

Apparently, they just assumed places were cheaper and didn’t realize how expensive utilities, weather, and local taxes were.

How do you move your family halfway across the country and not check first?

I very rarely share personal stuff on the website but sometimes throw stuff in just so you know there’s a human, not an AI, writing this stuff (LOL).

We’ve recently done something similar and started in 2020 looking to escape the northeast part of the USA. We traveled to several places we thought were good and didn’t settle on a place to move until about a year later. 

My family went to mom-and-pop shops and talked to locals at bars and coffee shops. Looked into the tax structures for example one state had really low gas prices but we hated their road tax structure so we scratched them off the list. 

Ok, back to Mr. Alder…

Who whined about the weather.

The man moved from an area that has almost perfect weather to a deep south swamp (Austin gets almost as much rain as Portland) that is hot.

Did he not travel to Austin in the summertime to see what it would be like?

Moving is an expensive, horrible ordeal, so my family traveled to areas we thought we would like during their “worse weather” moments to experience it.

Let’s just say August in Florida was not for us.

Now, I will say that Alder was really taken advantage of by the person he bought his home from in the affluent liberal neighborhood he picked (there’s a lesson there). According to him, the seller lied about the well on his property and it made his family very sick. Which also cost him A LOT of money to deal with, and that’s wrong.

However, the issue shows that Adler didn’t make sound judgments in this venture. One should always do their due diligence when putting a home under contract and that didn’t seem to happen. You lose the house, then you lose the house. It’s called providence that wasn’t the one for you. If someone wants to get jumpy about getting a well-tested, then you should move on.

Lastly, the writer was upset about how Austinites are “rude.” Adker didn’t like the “Don’t Move To Austin,” “don’t mess wth Texas” t-shirts. The native Texans outside of Austin annoyed him too who he claimed “stick pretty closely to the stereotypes.”

“I’ve never been told so often what to do and what not to do, and the delivery is in a ‘this is just the way it’s done’ tone that is completely oblivious to any other viewpoints on the matter,” he wrote.

First off, Austin is supposed to be a liberal utopia so maybe Alder should change the company he keeps.

Second, he misses the point and this is something my family experienced when we moved.

Alder dismissed the native “older” Texans outside of the city when those were who he should have embraced.

When you move, you assimilate. You don’t impose your culture on another.

One of my first observations moving to the Deep South was that people extended that southern hospitality but they were cautious around us because we were from the Northeast.

When people would ask me from back home what people like “down there” I would say, “they are polite but wary.”

Hand to the Almighty, I got a sitting down talking to by the local mechanic when my car had issues when we first moved (he’s got a great family-run business and nobody else on this earth will touch my cars).

Mr. Adler failed to realize that the environment he wanted was because of those “older Texans” who created it that way and living by their culture will keep it that way.

The writer added at the end of his piece that he has since moved back to the Bay Area of California. Looks like he traded t-shirts that triggered him to poop on the sidewalk.