Biden Gives Answer About Recent Trip During Press Gaggle


It would have been better if he had just ignored the backlash but you can always tell when issues get on Biden’s nerves with his emotional responses.

Since the blaze in Maui, even the mainstream media is starting to get on Biden about the amount of time he takes off.

On September 3, 2023, Biden held a quick press gaggle outside of St. Edmond Roman Catholic Church after leaving mass.

This also created an awkward moment as parishioners were trying to leave as well.

One reporter asked Biden, “What are you hoping to achieve in India and Vietnam?”

However, Biden had a different answer and wanted to let the press know he wasn’t taking more time off.

“By the way, the reason I’m here today just for one day — I know you (inaudible) I’m on vacation; I’m not.  I have no home to go to,” Biden said. “The Secret Service has torn my house up, in a good way, to make it secure.  So I have no place to go when I come to Delaware except here right now.  I’m only here for one day.”

A reporter then asked, “Are you homeless?  Is that what you’re telling us?”

“No, I’m not homeless,” Biden replied. “I just have one home — I have a beautiful home.  But I’m down here for the day because I can’t go ‘home’ home.”

According to Fox News, Biden “has not spent a night in Wilmington in months.”

More from Fox News:

Biden first told reporters about the security upgrades to his home in Wilmington back in April after he traveled to the beach house following a trip to Ireland.

The president arrived at the Delaware coast Saturday night following a stop in Florida earlier that day to survey damage from Hurricane Idalia. He was initially scheduled to spend Labor Day weekend at his home in Rehoboth Beach but changed his plans after last week’s storm.

Former President Trump used to travel to several properties don’t remember this happening to him.