Biden Gives Somber Memorial Day Message


President Biden, known for his frequent gaffes and inability to stay on topic, managed to make once again a ceremony honoring fallen soldiers all about himself.

In a speech at Arlington National Cemetery, Biden chose to focus on his own loss of his son rather than honoring the brave men and women who died while serving our country.

Despite making it clear that he knows his son’s death is not on the same level as those who died in battle, Biden still chose to bring it up repeatedly. Perhaps he thought that by mentioning his son’s death, he could somehow relate to the families of fallen soldiers. However, to many, he came off as self-absorbed and tone-deaf.

While it is a tragedy that Beau Biden died from brain cancer, his death was not a direct result of his service in Iraq. It is insulting to compare it to those who gave their lives on the battlefield.

“Our losses are not the same. He didn’t perish on the battlefield. He was a cancer victim from a consequence of being in the army in Iraq for a year next to a burn pit. A major of the U.S. National Army, National Guard, living and working, like too many, besides that toxic burn pit,” Biden said.

The president told the audience: “As it is for so many of you, the pain of his loss is with me every day as it is with you. Still sharp. Still clear. But so is the pride I feel in this service, as if I can still hear him saying, ‘It’s my duty, dad. It’s my duty. That was the code of my son. Live by the creed. All of you live by the creed.”

The reaction to Biden’s speech was unsurprisingly mixed. Some praised his “empathy and understanding,” while others called him out for making the ceremony about himself. Even his own supporters couldn’t deny that Biden has a habit of making everything about him.

And it’s not just his speeches that are problematic. During his time as vice president, Biden has repeatedly claimed that his son died on the battlefield in Iraq, despite the fact that he actually died in a hospital in Maryland. Either Biden can’t keep his facts straight, or he is once again trying to twist the truth to push his agenda.

Even more offensive is that Biden seemed to fall asleep during the ceremony!

Meanwhile, Biden started his day by hosting a breakfast at the White House with administration officials, military leaders, and veterans. Of course, he couldn’t resist boasting about his administration’s supposed achievements in providing benefits to veterans. What better way to honor our fallen soldiers than to take credit for the work of others and pat himself on the back?

But perhaps the most outrageous moment of the day was when Biden took credit for the PACT Act, which grants automatic coverage for health conditions caused by exposure to toxic substances. It is insulting to suggest that this was solely the result of his administration’s efforts. This legislation has been in the works for years, and it is insulting to the hard work of others to suggest that Biden alone is responsible for its passing.

Ultimately, it’s no surprise that Biden once again managed to make a solemn event all about himself. His ego knows no bounds, and it seems he will stop at nothing to push his agenda, even if it means exploiting his son’s death. As we honor and remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice, let us not forget the men and women who continue to dishonor their memory.