Trump Makes Announcement After Palm Beach Event


Former President Donald Trump showed his immense popularity and strong support among Americans, even after leaving the Oval Office.

This was proven yet again during an exclusive fundraising event over the weekend in Palm Beach, where he raised a record-breaking $50.5 million for his campaign and the Republican National Committee.

This feat shattered all previous fundraising records for both Republicans and Democrats, and also surpassed the amount raised by President Joe Biden at his recent event in New York, which featured former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

The success of the event is a clear indication of the growing dissatisfaction among Americans with Biden’s record of failure. From the open southern border and skyrocketing inflation to the alarming increase in migrant crime, Biden’s policies have made the country less safe and secure. Americans are desperate for change, and it is evident that they believe Trump is the only one who can deliver it.

The former President took to social media to celebrate the success of the fundraiser, stating that it was the “biggest night in fundraising of ALL TIME!” He also highlighted the overwhelming support for change, not only from the wealthy but also from the ordinary citizens. Trump believes that this support will translate into votes and propel him to victory in the upcoming elections.

In a brief address to the reporters outside the event, Trump reiterated that Americans want change. He emphasized the need for change by pointing out how the country has become a “laughingstock” in the eyes of the world. He confidently stated that he and his supporters are going to “Make America Great Again.”

“The rich people want it, the poor people want it. Everybody wants change,” he said. “The country is really doing poorly. We’re a laughingstock all over the world. We’re gonna get that change very quickly. And this has been some incredible evening before it even starts because people wanted to contribute to a cause of Making America Great Again, and that’s what’s happened. We’re going to Make America Great Again, everyone knows it. The election is going to be in now a little more than six months, and it’s going to be the most important, I believe, election we’ve ever had. I think it’s gonna go down as the most important date in the history of our country. That’s November 5th, will be the most important date in the history of our country.”

With just a little over six months left for the elections, Trump firmly believes that November 5th will go down in history as the most crucial date in the country’s history. This is because the American people have a chance to reverse the damage caused by Biden’s policies and restore the country’s greatness under his leadership.

The success of the fundraising event is a clear indication that Americans are ready to vote for change. The upcoming elections will be the most crucial in the nation’s history, and Trump is confident that he will emerge victorious and lead the country towards a brighter future.