Yes This Is Biden Walking Amid Reports Of Needing A Respiratory Device – WATCH


Recently Joe Biden conducted an interview on MSNBC with Nicole Wallace and well…just watch…

But yes this is Biden walking and nobody knows what the heck he was doing.

The clueless shuffle occured after it was learned that the president has been using a respiratory device to aid him when he sleeps called a CPAP machine. What’s interesting is that none of this was reported in his most recent physcial.

From the Associated Press:

President Joe Biden in recent weeks has started using a continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP, machine at night to help with sleep apnea, the White House said Wednesday. The revelation comes after indents from the mask were visible on the president’s face as he departed the White House.

The president has disclosed since 2008 a history with sleep apnea, a potentially serious but common condition in which breathing can stop and start in the night. Biden used the machine Tuesday night, White House officials said. The imprint lines on his face were apparent when he left Wednesday morning for a speech in Chicago.

A CPAP machine is a motorized device that pumps air through a mask to open a sleeper’s airway. About 5 million Americans have tried them.

While his history with the condition has long been disclosed, it didn’t come up during his most recent physical in February. When he was vice president, doctors noted Biden had an irregular heartbeat probably linked to apnea.

Maybe Joe wondered off because he didn’t want to answer an actual question like why is a member of your administration bragging about inflation?