Fetterman Struggle With Approval Numbers


You get what you vote for.

Pennsylvania Democratic Senator John Fetterman has been struggling to get positive reviews from his home state, as his approval ratings have just fallen to the unpopularity level of President Biden. According to a recent Quinnipiac poll, only 39% of Pennsylvania voters approve of Fetterman’s job handling, while a slightly worse 57% disapprove of Biden’s job as president in the state.

Unfortunately for Fetterman, he is performing much worse than his fellow Pennsylvania Democratic leaders. Governor Josh Shapiro has a 57% approval rating, while Senator Bob Casey has 44% approval. However, Fetterman’s issues have been attributed to the aftereffects of a stroke he suffered over a year ago.

The stroke resulted in auditory processing issues, which culminated to a public embarrassment during his only midterm debate against Dr. Mehmet Oz. During this debate, Fetterman was granted the use of a closed captioning system in order for him to better understand the questions.

Additionally, Fetterman has been pretty candid about his bout with depression, even admitting that he was in “full force” during his first few weeks in the Senate. His office has been criticized for publicizing misquotes of his comments, only for multiple news outlets to report the discrepancies.

The man has been a hot mess and it’s a joke that Pennsylvania’s overwhelmingly voted for him over Dr. Oz. The voters of PA have only themselves to blame for this mess.

Of course, this is the same state that voted for a Democrat that passed away and still won the election.

Democrat State Rep. Anthony DeLuca represented Allegheny County (which includes Pittsburg) and was in office for 39 years. On October 9, 2022, he sadly passed away after a battle with cancer.

In Pennsylvania, replacement candidates are not allowed to be submitted once ballots are printed. Allegheny County officials sent theirs to be printed on September 28, 2022.

Despite this, voters still voted for the deceased candidate because they put their party above principles.

Unlike, what Republican voters did during the Senate race. Voters were not happy about Dr. Oz entering the race and they put principles over their party.

But there is a price to pay sometimes, they are stuck with Fetterman as a Senator for the rest of his term.