White House Made A Laughing Stock After Economic Claim


Needless to say the Biden Administration talking points on the economy are not going over well.

During a recent press conference deputy press secretary Olivia Dalton said the president’s economic policies are “incredibly popular” and American “feel the impact” of his agenda.

Oh we feel it, every time we go to the gas station.

Dalton pumped up Biden’s anticipated “Bidenomics” speech trying to counter questions from the press about his low poll numbers.

Dalton responded, “Well, what I would say is that the president’s economic policies are incredibly popular. When you ask people what they think about investing in our roads, bridges and airports, what you – when you ask people what they think about educating and empowering workers, when you ask people about how they feel about reshoring, manufacturing jobs and investing in America, those things are incredibly popular.”

“And we find that when we go out and we talk to people about it, they support Bidenomics. And so that’s exactly what the president is going to be doing in Chicago tomorrow. That’s exactly why we’re talking to Americans about everything that he’s doing to make sure that we grow the economy by growing the middle class and give people the support that they need to grow our economy for us,” she added.

The claim was instantly mocked online.

“With who?” author Matt Margolis asked.

Commentator Mitch Roschelle added, “Government spending on infrastructure projects that haven’t happened are NOT popular and how exactly does this help the middle class when we already have a shortage of construction workers?”

Seriously, Biden is so bad that he passes an infrastructure bill only to have some of the largest train disasters in the history of the nation the following year.

“Like 26 straight months of negative real weekly wage growth???” economist Tony Sanders declared.

Fox News