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Biden Struggles During Speech To Recall Event – WATCH



President of the United States Joe Biden struggled during a recent speech trying to recall an event that took place a little over a week ago.

Unlike what he did to the poor people of Ohio after the biohazard crisis, Biden quickly traveled to Philadelphia after a tanker truck fire destroy the vital roadway.

From WSAZ:

The driver of a tractor-trailer hauling gasoline lost control on an off-ramp and flipped the tanker truck on its side in a wreck that set it afire and destroyed a section of the East Coast’s main north-south highway, Pennsylvania’s top transportation official said Monday.

In the first official accounting of a wreck that threw hundreds of thousands of morning commutes into chaos and disrupted untold numbers of businesses, state Transportation Secretary Mike Carroll said the driver was northbound “trying to navigate the curve, lost control of the vehicle, landed on its side and ruptured the tank.”

The driver was feared dead, and a relative of a New Jersey truck driver who has not been heard from since Sunday told The Philadelphia Inquirer that investigators had contacted the family in an effort to identify human remains recovered from the wreckage.

Pennsylvania State Police said a body was turned over to the Philadelphia medical examiner and coroner, but did not identify the remains or respond when asked if they belonged to the driver.

Biden and Transportation Secretary Pete immediately traveled to the area promising funds (unlike what they did to the poor people in Ohio).

The roadway was fixed in 12 days and Biden tried to brag about the event but below is what happened.