Critical WH Decision Awaited Over Sanctions


President Joe Biden is once again showing his eagerness to appease the authoritarian terrorist-supporting government of Iran.

Reports have surfaced that the White House is on the brink of renewing a sanctions waiver for the regime, which would release up to $10 billion in frozen assets. This financial windfall has been justified as being for humanitarian purposes, but given Iran’s track record, the money is more likely to be funneled toward funding terrorist activities.

The Biden administration’s decision to renew this waiver has been met with backlash from GOP lawmakers, who argue that it would provide a “lifeline” for the Iranian regime to further their support for terrorist organizations across the Middle East.

The previous waiver, signed by the State Department in November, allowed Iraq to transfer massive electricity payments to Iran. It is set to expire this month unless the Biden administration gives it the green light.

Granting Iran this access to billions of dollars in frozen funds not only undermines global efforts to combat terrorism but also puts American soldiers serving abroad at risk. Iran has a long history of lying about humanitarian transactions, and there is no reason to believe they won’t continue to do so if given the opportunity.

Richard Goldberg, who previously worked on the Iran portfolio for the White House National Security Council, warned that waiving these sanctions would only further enable Iran to support terrorist attacks, such as the recent assault on Israel by Hamas.

Iran has been behind the planning and execution of these brutal attacks despite their claims of supporting “humanitarian” causes. Allowing them to access billions of dollars in frozen assets would only embolden them to continue their nefarious actions.

At a time when concerns about terrorism have reached a fever pitch due to the ongoing conflict in Gaza, it is deeply troubling that the Biden administration is even considering such a move. It goes against common sense and the safety of both Americans and our allies.