Biden Holds Event In New Hampshire


Joe Biden’s campaign event in New Hampshire shows just how much the Democrats are struggling to spin their narrative. The walls were plastered with the names of Democrat politicians as if that would somehow make people forget about the disaster that is the Biden presidency.

You would think that someone who has been in politics for decades would have enough confidence in their policies and actions not to feel the need to spin and deflect constantly. Even at this event, Biden couldn’t help but show his thin skin and inability to handle any form of criticism.

He took a shot at the press, whining that they don’t like him more than former President Trump, even though that is almost universally not true. However, any criticism is seen as a betrayal. This is funny and sad, a “Waaah, they don’t appreciate me!” moment.

But let’s not forget about Biden’s delusional claims about the economy. He bragged about “15 million new jobs” and inflation being down from nine to three percent. First of all, the majority of those “new jobs” are just people returning to work after the pandemic, nothing to do with Biden’s policies. And inflation being down? He’s the one who drove it up to nine percent in the first place. He doesn’t deserve any credit for bringing it down to three.

And let’s not forget about the border. Biden has continually destroyed any sense of order regarding border security. He reversed the policies put in place by former President Trump, leading to the current chaos we’re seeing at the southern border. And now he wants to talk about having an “orderly process”? Give me a break. It’s clear that he has no intention of securing the border, only speeding up the process for illegal aliens to enter the country.

But the icing on the cake was when Biden asked if he was allowed to take questions at the end of his remarks. Of course, the answer was a resounding no, and the feed was cut. God forbid the leader of the free world has to answer any real questions from the press or his own supporters. It’s clear that he’s being controlled by unnamed staffers and people behind the scenes, and it’s a sad state of affairs for our country.

But this is just par for the course with the Biden administration. They can’t handle any form of criticism. They will do anything to avoid it, whether it’s cutting the feed or changing the language to deflect from the reality of illegal immigration and all the other failed policies that are affecting Americans.