WH Comments On Death Of Simpson


The death of OJ Simpson has caused a stir of reactions from the media all the way up to the White House.

While many are offering their condolences to the controversial former football star, it seems that the Biden administration is more concerned about respecting his privacy than acknowledging the victims of his notorious murder trial.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was caught off guard when asked about Biden’s reaction to Simpson’s death. Instead of expressing condolences for the two people he was accused, and sensationally acquitted, of killing nearly three decades ago, Jean-Pierre resorted to her usual response of offering condolences to the families of the deceased. It’s a strange and insensitive reaction, considering the gravity of the situation and the fact that the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman have endured so much over the years.

It’s not surprising, however, given the lack of shame and tact displayed by the Biden administration on multiple occasions. Just recently, they showed more concern over the death of OJ Simpson than the murder of Laken Riley, allegedly killed by an illegal alien who was released into the country by the Biden team. It’s clear where their priorities lie – and it’s not with the victims of heinous crimes.

But the media is not far behind in their bizarre reactions to Simpson’s death. NPR’s headline focused solely on his football career, leaving out the infamous murder trial that made him a household name. CNN’s Stephanie Elam also raised eyebrows with her take on the news, suggesting that Simpson “redefined the sport of football.” It’s almost as if they are deliberately avoiding the uncomfortable subject of his double-murder trial.

Meanwhile, the family of Ron Goldman released a statement expressing their disappointment with the lack of acknowledgment from the White House. They have been denied justice for so long, and now they are being denied even a simple acknowledgment of their loss. It’s a sad truth – the families of the victims have been neglected and overshadowed by the fame of their killer.