Biden Made Comments during Visit To The National Action Network Convention


President Biden issued a stern warning to Iran on Friday, cautioning the Islamic Republic against launching an attack on Israel. Biden’s remarks came amid reports that Iran has prepared over 100 cruise missiles, ballistic missiles, and suicide drones to target Israel.

Speaking at the National Action Network Convention, Biden underscored America’s commitment to defending Israel, stating, “We are devoted to the defense of Israel. We will support Israel. We will defend – help defend Israel. And Iran will not succeed.”

Biden’s warning came on the heels of reports that Iran is planning an attack on Israel in retaliation for the recent termination of a top commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Quds Force. This commander, Mohammed Reza Zahedi, played a crucial role in strengthening terrorist groups like Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

U.S. officials moved additional military assets to the region to deter any aggression. The Pentagon has also stated that the move is to protect American forces in the area.

Iran has responded to the U.S.’s preparations by warning that any attack on Israel would result in attacks on U.S. forces in the region. This provocative threat only reinforces the need for the U.S. to stand firm alongside our ally, Israel.

As tensions between the U.S. and Iran escalate, it’s clear that America must remain resolute in its commitment to defending Israel. Iran’s support for terrorist groups and its overt hatred towards Israel and the U.S. is a danger to stability in the Middle East.

While the U.S. is committed to engaging with Iran diplomatically, we hope the Biden Administration will not hesitate to defend itself and its allies against any aggression. President Biden’s message to Iran was straightforward and clear: any attack on Israel will face consequences, and the U.S. will stand by Israel’s side. We can only hope that he stands by this statement. It’s evident that Iran has no intention of heeding these warnings. The ball is in Israel’s court and ours, and we should continue to stand by our ally.

With Israel facing threats from all sides, including from terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah, the U.S. must show its unwavering support for our ally in the face of aggression.