WH Cuts Camera On Biden Amid Telling Response To Bribery Question – WATCH


They cut the microphone!

President Joe Biden delivered a sort of bizarre speech at the Chiefs of Mission event at the White House on June 12, 2023. The event is for the principal officers in charge of the US State Department diplomatic offices from around the world.

” I look around this room and think, “What the hell happened to my administration?  Why aren’t you here permanently in Washington?”  I need help,” Biden said.

The next part either Biden flub his speech or he was speaking off the cuff because he was all over the place.

After talking about those in the audiences significant others he started to whisper.

“The second part of my message is this: We’ve got to keep it up.  We’ve got to double down right now.  It’s only going to get harder from here.  But it’s closer, but it’s going get harder,” Joe added.

Then the president started talking about physics.

It also seem that Biden may have forgotten what year it was.

“There are going to be a billion people in Africa very shortly,” the President exclaimed.

He’s right but that happened in 2009 while he was VP.

After his speech condluced the President must have had something on his mind and went back to the podium. For a few moments Joe just stood there but as Biden started to speak the White House cut the feed.

Apparently, the White House didn’t want another potentially embarrassing Biden gaffe to go viral.

Following the event the New York Post writer STeven Nelson managed to ask Biden a question about his alleged bribery scandal. Nelson asked if it was true that there are tapes of Biden and his son having conversations with the “bribe giver” who is supposedly an executive at Burisma.

“Are there tapes that you accepted bribes,” Nelson asked. “Is that true?”

All Biden did was smirk and walk away.

Biden believes that he doesn’t owe the American people any answers. That smirk was the condescension of deep staters and also it was a telling reaction. Biden is probably going to get away with it and he knows it. That’s why he smirk, it’s the same attitude we saw from Hillary Clinton. However, Democrats seem to forget that their smugness cost them the election in 2016.