US Army Ends Free Storage For Soldiers


The U.S. Army has recently announced a major change in its storage policy that may have a significant impact on deployed soldiers. According to the Army Sustainment Command, soldiers will no longer be able to store their belongings free of charge while they are away from home.

The decision was made in October, but the order was not widely distributed to soldiers or the press, leaving many to learn of the change only recently. This has sparked both confusion and outrage among the ranks, as well as concerns for the financial burden this may place on deployed soldiers.

The discontinued funding for storage raises many questions about the Army’s commitment to supporting its soldiers during deployments. While the Army is not required by policy to provide storage for soldiers, it has been a longstanding practice to offer vouchers for soldiers to store their belongings while they are away.

This has been especially helpful for soldiers who choose to end their apartment leases and rent storage lockers to save money on rent during deployments. With the sudden policy change, soldiers may now face the added expense of covering their own storage costs.

One of the main concerns about the new policy is the lack of communication and transparency from the Army. The change was made in October, but many soldiers only found out about it recently, after the news went public. This raises questions about the decision-making process and the Army’s priorities when it comes to supporting its troops. The fact that the change was not “widely distributed” speaks to a lack of consideration for the impact it would have on soldiers.

The timing of this policy change is also questionable. With the upcoming holiday season, soldiers who are deployed and were planning to use the Army-funded storage option may now have to find alternative arrangements. This could cause added stress and financial strain on soldiers and their families during an already difficult time. It also raises concerns about the Army’s respect for the sacrifices and struggles of its soldiers and their families.

This recent policy change is not the only decision made by the Army’s G-1 (the office responsible for personnel policy) that has caused controversy and backlash. In October, hundreds of non-commissioned officers were suddenly ordered to attend recruiting school, potentially disrupting their holiday plans and causing confusion and frustration among their ranks. These sudden and seemingly ill-conceived decisions raise questions about the leadership and management of the Army’s G-1 office.

The Army’s response to the backlash has been to state that they are currently drafting a new policy to enable storage at no cost to soldiers. However, this response was only given after reached out for comment and inquired about the issue. The fact that this information was not provided proactively further highlights the lack of consideration and transparency in the decision-making process.

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