Transcript of Interview Released Before Hearing


In a stunning revelation, it has been uncovered that President Joe Biden’s discussion with Special Counsel Robert Hur delved into topics far beyond the scope of the intended subject.

While Hur testified before the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday about Biden’s improper retention of classified records, the transcript from their initial interview revealed a less-than-focused conversation.

As Hur attempted to establish a timeline for the relocation of classified documents to accommodate Biden’s prized Corvette, the president often deviated from the main subject. He even went as far as imitating “car noises” while reminiscing about his beloved car. The transcript also revealed Biden’s tendency to share long-winded anecdotes, including one about a man losing part of his testicles and penis.

As Hur tried to steer the conversation back to the topic at hand, Biden continued to stray off course. He discussed everything from his time working for a law firm to his visit to Mongolia, where he apparently embarrassed the leader of the country. When asked about bringing classified material to his lake house, Biden responded with a tale of horse racing and sumo wrestlers.

This behavior caused frustration for the prosecutor and attorneys involved in the interview, as they repeatedly attempted to refocus the conversation. This raises concerns about Biden’s ability to stay on topic and remain focused in important discussions, especially as the leader of the free world.

While it is not uncommon for people to deviate from the topic at hand in casual conversation, this transcript reveals a concerning pattern of behavior from the president. One can’t help but wonder if this lack of focus and attention to detail could impact his decision-making abilities in the Oval Office.

This latest revelation adds to the already long list of concerns about Biden’s cognitive abilities and raises questions about his fitness to lead the country. As the American people continue to face various challenges and crises, it is vital that our president is able to stay on task and focused on finding solutions.

It remains to be seen if this transcript will have any significant impact on Biden’s presidency.

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