Supermarket Chain Decision Creates Backlash


Are you ready for the Great Reset? Supermarket chain Lidl is taking the lead in this radical transformation of the global food system, with plans to cut down on the sale of meat products in favor of “alternative” proteins.

On top of pushing for plant-based foods, now the World Economic Forum is even calling for the world to eat insects to “battle climate change.”  Their website states:

We’ve been conditioned to think of animals and plants as our primary sources of proteins, namely meat, dairy and eggs or tofu, beans and nuts, but there’s an unsung category of sustainable and nutritious protein that has yet to widely catch on: insects.

Cutting down on the sale of meat is the latest move from the Geran discount retailer in pursuit of a radical environmental agenda, and one that has been cheered on by climate change activists.

The grocery executive in charge of Lidl’s German market, Christoph Graf, said this week at a Berlin ‘Green Week’ event that the supermarket chain will seek to move away from selling meat because “there is no second planet.”

It’s a move that has been met with approval from the likes of Greenpeace, with its members praising the decision to phase out meat.

But it’s also a move that has been met with considerable alarm from those who worry about the implications of such a drastic action.

The move by Lidl to make it harder for customers to purchase meat products is the latest example of a growing trend of corporations and institutions seeking to dictate the way people should live their lives.

It’s the same kind of thinking that has been seen at the globalist World Economic Forum (WEF) summit in Davos, Switzerland, where the chairman of German manufacturing giant Siemens, Jim Hagemann Snabe, said that he hopes a significant percentage of the global population shifts away from eating meat in order to mitigate the supposed impact of humans on the global climate.

These kinds of decisions made by corporations and institutions are concerning, as they are effectively seeking to override the choices of individuals.

The idea of individuals being able to decide for themselves what to eat and how to live their lives is integral to a free society, and now we are seeing these freedoms being increasingly curtailed.

It is a slippery slope to not only allow but to even celebrate the decisions made by those in positions of power which ultimately lessen the autonomy of every day citizens.  It’s up to individuals to decide what food they want to buy and consume, and it’s up to governments to ensure that their citizens have the right to make these decisions without fear of reproach or punishment.

Ye, this happened in Europe, but how long before a woke chain like Whole Foods makes the same decision? It’s only a matter of time.