San Fran Approves New Measures


On Tuesday, San Francisco voters made a surprising and significant shift away from their far-left reputation by overwhelmingly passing multiple ballot measures aimed at reducing crime and drug abuse. This move starkly contrasts the city’s usual extreme progressive tendencies.

One of the most notable measures, Proposition E, will provide police with the necessary tools to combat crime effectively. This includes new surveillance cameras and drones, as well as making it easier for officers to pursue suspects. Meanwhile, Proposition F will require adults receiving welfare benefits to undergo drug testing and enroll in treatment programs.

Mayor London Breed, whose reelection bid is in danger, supported these measures. In her words, the passage of these measures is a win for the city. This statement clearly shows that the embattled mayor is trying to save face and reconnect with the concerns of her constituents.

Breed’s spokesperson echoed this sentiment, acknowledging that the election results indicate a growing discontent with the city’s relaxed attitude towards drugs and crime. As a result, Breed is now pushing for a more moderate approach, recognizing that San Franciscans are fed up and want action.

This shift in thinking is a clear sign that the city’s policies have swung too far to the left. It’s no surprise that the city has seen a staggering death toll of over 800 accidental drug overdoses in just one year. And the blame falls on the city’s lenient policies, allowing drug-addled individuals to roam the streets freely.

The left’s grip on San Francisco has reached a breaking point, with even die-hard progressives recognizing the need for change. In 2022, the people of San Francisco recalled District Attorney Chesa Boudin, known for his soft approach toward violent criminals. This move speaks volumes about the citizens’ frustration with the city’s current trajectory.

The opponents of these measures argue that they violate privacy and civil liberties and will harm marginalized communities that the city prides itself on helping. But it’s time to realize that these policies have only enabled criminals and perpetuated the cycle of drug addiction.

It remains to be seen whether this is a watershed moment for San Francisco or just an anomaly. But one thing is clear: even the most left-leaning cities eventually tire of the abhorrent reality created by their own policies.

Red State