Rolling Stone Report On Mike Johnson Falls Flat


Rolling Stone magazine has recently published an article spotlighting House Speaker Mike Johnson, a newly elected Republican from Louisiana, for his personal choice to utilize internet filtering software to monitor online content accessed by himself and his son. The article, which appeared on a Sunday, outlined Johnson’s use of an app known as Covenant Eyes, which actively scans internet activity on various devices and subsequently sends reports to designated accountability partners. In this instance, Speaker Johnson and his son serve as mutual accountability partners, thereby ensuring that they both refrain from accessing inappropriate or explicit content online.

While the article highlighted Johnson’s voluntary decision to employ this software as a personal choice that aligns with his values, it simultaneously questioned the newsworthiness of reporting on such a matter. It’s not uncommon for individuals in the public eye to adopt specific practices to uphold their personal and family values, similar to former Vice President Mike Pence’s adoption of certain principles, including his commitment to avoid dining alone with women other than his wife.

The Rolling Stone piece stirred discussion about whether such a report is warranted, as it pertains to personal matters and the exercise of individual freedoms. The article drew parallels with a past controversy concerning Pence’s rules designed to safeguard his marriage, which incited strong reactions from various quarters. In both cases, the individuals’ choices appear to be aimed at forestalling certain types of controversies or scandals.

The publication of this report prompted debates about the motivations behind scrutinizing personal decisions. Some argue that Johnson’s decision to utilize internet filtering software should be seen as a personal matter, and they question why Rolling Stone opted to spotlight this subject.