Fetterman Has Some Words For Gov. Gavin Newsom


Democratic Senator John Fetterman of Pennsylvania has been attracting attention for his recent statements and actions, earning recognition even from unexpected quarters. Fetterman was the first to call for the removal of Senator Bob Menendez, a Democrat from New Jersey who is facing federal charges related to his alleged involvement as a foreign agent for the Egyptian government. Fetterman’s steadfast support for Israel also sets him apart from some of his Democratic colleagues with more critical views of the nation.

However, it is Fetterman’s comments regarding the actions of California Governor Gavin Newsom that have generated interest. Newsom, colloquially referred to as “Governor Hair Gel,” has been engaging in activities that many interpret as a shadow presidential campaign. These activities include a controversial trip to China, visits to Israel, and taking potshots at Republican governors such as Ron DeSantis of Florida and Greg Abbott of Texas. Newsom has even planned a debate with DeSantis on November 30, despite only one of the two having formally declared a presidential bid.

At an Iowa Democratic Party dinner, Fetterman criticized Newsom’s ambiguous stance, asserting that there are currently two Democrats running for president, with Newsom yet to make a formal announcement. Fetterman emphasized the importance of transparency and having the “guts” to openly declare one’s candidacy.

Others have also accused Newsom of running for president while maintaining an ambiguous position. Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy expressed similar views, highlighting the governor’s actions and the deteriorating condition of his state.

Newsom has consistently denied any presidential aspirations, reaffirming his commitment to assisting in President Biden’s re-election efforts. Nevertheless, some observers speculate that Newsom may be positioning himself as a top contender in the event that President Biden becomes unable to continue. Fetterman’s remarks, though unexpected, reflect concerns about the president’s recent performances, low approval ratings, and the perceived ambitions of other Democratic figures.