Recording Of Alito’s Wife Released


Let’s talk about the latest twist in the media’s ongoing scrutiny of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito and his wife, Martha-Ann Alito.

Recently, Rolling Stone magazine published a piece attempting to paint Justice Alito as a far-right extremist with a hidden agenda. But let’s dig deeper into what really happened and why it’s causing such a stir.

The controversy began when far-left activist and filmmaker Lauren Windsor, posing as a Christian conservative, secretly recorded conversations at the Supreme Court Historical Society’s annual dinner. Justice Alito’s casual agreement with Windsor’s fake comments about returning America to a “place of godliness” sparked outrage among left-leaning critics. However, my colleague Jim Thompson pointed out that having personal opinions doesn’t compromise a judge’s commitment to the Constitution.

What’s particularly intriguing about these recordings isn’t just what Justice Alito said but rather what his wife, Martha-Ann Alito, had to say. Martha-Ann has already been the subject of media attention, especially from the New York Times, for flying controversial flags. Critics claimed her actions implied support for the January 6 Capitol rioters, casting doubt on Justice Alito’s impartiality in related cases.

Justice Alito responded by clarifying he had no part in flying the flags and had actually advised against it. The NYT, however, tried to question the credibility of his timeline. Yet, the secret recordings reveal more about Martha-Ann’s stance, potentially undermining these criticisms.

In the recordings, Martha-Ann is unrepentant, referring to her critics as “feminazis” and hinting at libel lawsuits. She expressed frustration over media criticism, including her fashion choices, and made it clear that her husband doesn’t control her actions regarding flag flying. She also mentioned her desire to fly a “Sacred Heart of Jesus” flag in response to a nearby Pride flag but deferred to her husband’s advice for now.

This defiant attitude from Martha-Ann contrasts sharply with the meek, subservient stereotype often associated with conservative wives. Her unapologetic stance and independence poke holes in the leftist narrative, suggesting that Justice Alito’s neutrality isn’t compromised by his wife’s actions.

The Wall Street Journal echoed this sentiment, noting that Martha-Ann’s comments weaken the central argument of the NYT’s hit pieces. Indeed, she confirmed she was the one who flew the controversial flags, not her husband, who isn’t particularly interested in flags at all.

Ultimately, even if Justice Alito had supported the flag flying, it wouldn’t necessarily indicate sympathy for the Capitol rioters. This narrative appears to be a fabrication by critics. Martha-Ann’s candid remarks in the recordings support the Alitos’ position, not the exaggerated claims of the left.