GA Supreme Court Supersedes Order Against Lawyer


Get ready for some courtroom drama that seems straight out of a TV series. We’re talking about the latest twist in the high-profile trial of rapper Young Thug, which has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Let’s dive into the chaos unfolding in Georgia’s Fulton County Superior Court.

The drama kicked off when Young Thug’s defense attorney, Brian Steel, accused Judge Ural Glanville of tampering with a key witness. Steel requested the judge to recuse himself, but Glanville denied the request on the spot. This trial, already a spectacle, is now embroiled in allegations of a corrupt judge and potential witness intimidation.

Young Thug, legally known as Jeffrey Williams, is facing serious charges under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), alongside 27 co-defendants. Despite the gravity of the case, which includes charges of murder, armed robbery, and illegal possession of firearms, the courtroom has turned into a battleground of legal theatrics and procedural disputes.

The controversy escalated when Judge Glanville charged Steel with contempt while he was defending his client. The charge came after Steel revealed that Glanville and state prosecutors allegedly met privately with a witness, Kenneth Copeland, to pressure him into testifying. This meeting, known as an “ex parte” communication, is a violation of Georgia’s judicial conduct rules if it pertains to substantive matters.

When confronted, Judge Glanville did not address the ex parte meeting directly. Instead, he demanded to know how Steel discovered the information and threatened him with contempt. After Steel refused to reveal his source, Glanville ordered his arrest. Steel was taken into custody but has since been granted an emergency bond, allowing him to remain free while his appeal is pending.

This case has drawn significant attention, not just for its high-profile defendant but for the legal controversies surrounding it. The trial’s developments have shocked legal experts and captivated social media. Ashleigh Merchant, another attorney involved, criticized Glanville for skipping due process in the contempt charge against Steel. She and other attorneys have rallied in support of Steel, highlighting the chaotic nature of the proceedings.

Young Thug’s trial, already a complex and resource-intensive case, is now further complicated by these allegations. The defense has called for a mistrial, but Glanville has consistently denied such requests. Legal experts like Andrew Fleischman believe that the trial could be overturned on appeal due to the irregularities seen so far.

Anthony Michael Kreis, a constitutional law professor, described the situation as a “complete circus” and noted that the dramatics overshadowed the judicial process. With the trial live-streamed by Law & Crime, the public is witnessing these extraordinary events unfold in real-time.