Rhode Island State Senator Arrested Over Vandalism


Rhode Island State Senator Joshua Miller (D) representing Cranston and Providence has been arrested by the Cranston Police Department.

Allegedly Miller keyed a Trump supporters vehicle at the Garden City Shopping Center on June 23, 2023.

Since the arrest, the Cranston Police Department confirmed the incident in a press release.

From WJAR 10 and NBC affiliate:

The Cranston Police Department said the keying occurred at the Garden City Shopping Center.

Police were called to the shopping center Thursday afternoon after the vehicle’s owner and passenger heard a loud scratching sound when they returned to their car. The owner and passenger said they saw a man standing on the side of their car holding a keychain and gripping a single key while quickly walking away.

The man was later identified as Miller, police said.

What led police to Miller was a bumper sticker the Democrat had on his car which said, “re-elect Senator Josh Miller.”

The victim saw the bumper sticker, looked up Josh Miller on the internet, realized it was the State Senator, and called the police.

Police have also released body camera footage showing Miller being pulled over and confronted.

According to law enforcement, Miller was wearing the same clothes except for a jacket which was discovered in a bag that he was carrying.

Initially Miller denied vandalizing the car claiming that the victim was “one of those ‘gun nuts.'”

“I am a state senator. I think he recognized me. I think he is one of those ‘gun nuts,'” Miller told police.

However, Police had obtained surveillance video and showed it to the State Senator during a visit to his home.

Major Todd Patalano of the Canton Police Department asked Miller, “We got evidence, so you tell us how you want to handle this. You keyed his car?”

“Yeah,” Miller responded.

Miller claimed the owner was yelling at him and “dared him,” to do it.

“We can make either make a big deal of this or a little deal, so,” Patalano responded.

“Well, I wanna know what you recommend? I mean, I don’t want to be accused of covering up something for a senator,” Patalano said.

“Sure, neither do I,” Miller responded.

The Democrat state senator agreed to go to Cranston Police HQ where he was charged with vandalism and malicious injury to property.

He was released on $1,000 personal recognizance.