NYU Allows Police To Clear Out Encampment


It seems that every night in New York City brings a new wave of radical protesters to the campuses of once-respected institutions such as Columbia University and NYU.

Despite claims from Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and President Joe Biden that these demonstrations are peaceful, the truth is far more sinister. These activists are openly pledging their support for the terrorist organization Hamas, spreading anti-American and anti-semitic rhetoric and causing chaos and violence on the streets of the city.

But finally, on Monday night, the NYPD had enough and took action to put a stop to the madness. As students and professors at NYU protested the university’s alleged ties to Israel, police in riot gear descended upon them and began making arrests.

The scene was chaotic, with protesters being dragged away by cops in zip-tie handcuffs and loaded onto police buses. Even NYU faculty members were arrested for their involvement in the protests. One can’t help but wonder how their radical proselytizing will fare in a jail cell.

But while the protesters may have felt a sense of empowerment as they shouted their hateful rhetoric and demanded divestment from Israel, they were quickly reminded that their actions have consequences. Campus Safety Director Fountain Walker warned the group that if they did not disperse by 4 p.m., they would “face consequences” for their trespassing and disruptive behavior. And when the protesters refused to listen, the police were forced to step in and tear down their encampment on campus.

In a statement, Walker explained, “With the breach of the barricades early this afternoon, that requirement was violated, and we witnessed disorderly, disruptive, and antagonizing behavior that has interfered with the safety and security of our community.”

But the agitators didn’t seem to care about the safety and security of the community. They were too busy trying to push their dangerous and violent agenda. And while they may have been having their fun, innocent people in Gaza are suffering due to the unprovoked attacks from Hamas. It’s important to remember that it was Hamas who started this war, not Israel. Yet these protesters seem to have little regard for the truth.

As the night wore on, the protesters continued to march through the streets of Manhattan, causing more chaos and disruption. It’s a sad commentary on our society that these individuals are openly supporting terrorists and condemning democratic countries like Israel and the United States.

Truly deplorable, as Hillary Clinton might say. But we can only hope that the NYPD’s actions will serve as a wake-up call to these agitators, and they will think twice before bringing their dangerous and hateful rhetoric to our streets again.