Jewish Insider Releases Report About Congressman


Hello folks! Today we’re getting into the intense political drama surrounding Congressman Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) and his relationship with the Jewish community in his district. The stakes are high as Bowman fights to maintain his seat in the face of growing criticism and a formidable primary challenge.

Prominent religious leaders in Bowman’s New York suburban district are turning their backs on him, feeling betrayed by his actions and rhetoric. Bowman, a member of the progressive “Squad,” has faced backlash for his comments on Israel’s war against Hamas, which he has labeled as “genocide.” This controversial stance, along with his criticism of President Joe Biden’s decisions, has strained relationships with many of his former supporters.

According to Jewish Insider, the discord was evident in an exchange where Bowman awkwardly asked a notable Jewish figure for pictures together to showcase his friendships with Jewish people. This request highlights the growing tension and the awkward attempts to repair frayed relationships.

Bowman, seeking his third term, initially garnered support in 2020 by promising to back the Abraham Accords, a peace initiative started by the Trump administration. However, he later retracted his support and began to criticize the deal, leading to disillusionment among his supporters.

The rift between Bowman and the Jewish community deepened following the October 7th, 2023, attack by Hamas, which resulted in the deaths of 1,400 Jewish civilians and the taking of hundreds of hostages. Bowman’s criticism of Israel’s response has alienated many voters, and recent polling shows he trails his primary challenger, Westchester County Executive George Latimer, who has expressed strong support for Israel.

Despite his controversial positions, Bowman insists he retains significant support from Jewish voters. However, his absence from key community events and gatherings, such as Shabbat meals and Westchester Jewish Council meetings, has only fueled the sentiment that he is out of touch.

William Schrag, the former president of the Westchester Jewish Council, noted Bowman’s consistent failure to attend important events, illustrating a lack of engagement with the community.

Other leaders, like Justin Brasch, a Jewish Democrat and White Plains councilman, echo this sentiment, criticizing Bowman for not making an effort to build bridges with the Jewish community. They argue that his actions and lack of communication demonstrate a disregard for the community’s concerns and needs.

As the primary approaches on June 25th, the tension is palpable. Bowman’s opponents, bolstered by significant financial backing from pro-Israel organizations like AIPAC, are capitalizing on his perceived neglect and controversial positions. The coming weeks will be crucial as Bowman fights to regain the trust and support of his district’s voters.