Jillian Michaels Interview Goes Viral


As discussions around transgender athletes competing in women’s sports continue to gain momentum, fitness entrepreneur Jillian Michaels recently voiced strong opinions on the matter during an interview with podcast host Tomi Lahren. Michaels discussed the biological differences between men and women in sports, emphasizing concerns about safety and fairness in competitive arenas.

“Sports is biological. It just is,” Michaels asserted, stressing the physical discrepancies between males and females. She drew attention to instances like Fallon Fox, a transgender MMA fighter, competing against biological women, causing significant physical harm in bouts. Michaels cited the case where Fox inflicted serious injuries on Tamikka Brents, breaking her eye socket and causing a concussion, sparking debates about fairness and safety.

Further addressing the issue, Michaels referred to Lia Thomas, a transgender NCAA swimmer who transitioned from male to female. Michaels pointed out the considerable physical advantages Thomas holds over biological females, particularly highlighting Thomas’s dominance in women’s swimming competitions despite ranking much lower while competing as a male athlete previously.

Michaels underscored the potential repercussions for women’s sports, expressing concerns about the systematic impact of transgender athletes participating in female competitions. She acknowledged the complexities of the issue, acknowledging the desire to support trans individuals while also safeguarding the integrity of women’s sports.

The former “Biggest Loser” coach empathetically stated, “I understand it’s not fair to trans athletes, because where are they going to compete? It’s also not fair to biological female athletes.”

She highlighted the challenging balance between inclusivity and preserving fairness in competitive sports, recognizing the difficulty in ensuring equitable opportunities for all athletes involved.

Michaels didn’t shy away from the contentious nature of the debate, stressing the inevitability of someone facing the brunt of the issue. She raised concerns about the impact on women’s sports, cautioning that if the current trajectory continues, women’s athletics might be at risk of losing its integrity and competitiveness.

Michaels reiterated her support for the transgender community while emphasizing the challenging reality of finding a resolution that satisfies everyone involved. She acknowledged the complexity of the situation, recognizing the inherent difficulties in reconciling the rights of trans athletes with the protection of fair play and safety for biological female competitors.

“We’re going to systematically destroy women’s sports,” Michaels said. “I’m sorry, listen, if you want to be trans, I support you. I want you to have all the same rights that I do. But at the end of the day, someone’s going to get ‘effed here. And if you’re looking at, okay, you’ve got X amount of trans athletes and X amount of women, you’re not going to win this one. Right. No one’s coming out unscathed.”