INTERPOL Suspect Taken Into Custody


The Biden administration’s reckless actions at the border are continually putting American lives in danger.

In a disturbing turn of events, a Venezuelan native, Aderbis Segundo Pirela-Pirela, was arrested at Eagle Pass by the US Border Patrol for illegally crossing into Texas. It has now been reported that Pirela-Pirela was on Interpol’s top-ten wanted list for murder, extortion, and drug dealing in Colombia.

However, despite being a dangerous criminal, the top Biden officials released him with merely a ‘notice to appear’ in court before an immigration judge and let him walk out free. Pirela-Pirela was allowed to roam freely for two months until he was finally arrested again on March 12.

Mark Morgan, the former Head of Customs and Border Protection, has openly criticized the Biden administration for allowing a top international criminal to walk into the US without facing any consequences.

According to Morgan, Pirela-Pirela is a high-ranking gang member and is associated with the notorious Colombian drug gang known as the Satanas. Shockingly, these gangs have links to the highly violent Venezuelan gang, the Tren de Aragua.

Leonor Merchán Lopera, the sectional director of the Bogotá Prosecutor’s Office, revealed Pirela-Pirela’s sinister motives. Lopera told the media that Pirela-Pirela’s job was to distribute pamphlets, collect extortion, and threaten or attack victims who do not pay what they owe.

These brutal criminals are not only dangerous to innocent American citizens, but they also bring turmoil and unrest to the nation. The border tools mission has fundamentally changed from a law enforcement national security mission to one of a processing enterprise under the Biden administration.

Every single day, the Biden administration is releasing illegal aliens that they claim have been ‘properly vetted.’ The reality, however, is that these criminals are getting away with entering the country due to the lack of diplomatic relationships between the US and many other countries.

The mainstream media is ignoring the harsh truth of the mess left behind by the Biden administration at the border. Contrary to what Secretary Mayorkas and other officials claim, there is no proper vetting of the illegal aliens being released into the country, putting the country’s safety and well-being at risk.

Mark Morgan confirmed that in the past three years, ICE has arrested almost 200,000 illegal aliens in the United States. This amounts to thousands of dangerous criminals roaming free in the US amongst the people who should not have been allowed into the country in the first place.

It is appalling that the Biden administration has pursued this type of open-border policy despite the apparent warning signs. This recent incident raises serious concerns about the administration’s ability to keep Americans safe.

President Biden and his team are focusing more on their political agenda rather than ensuring the safety of the citizens. This situation is a perfect example that under the Biden leadership, the border is “wide open”, not just for illegal aliens, but also for criminals and gang members seeking a safe haven in the United States.