Hollywood Takes A Big Hit At Box Office


Hollywoke is taking another beating as “The Flash” and “Elemental” put on poor performances. Both the superhero adventure and the Pixar animated movie were quite expensive, costing $200 million and $100 million respectively to make and market, so their failure to bring in the money deemed necessary to turn a profit was a huge disappointment for their respective studios.

“The Flash” showed promise as DC’s latest movie adaptation of its most beloved superhero gained rave reviews from the people who made it. But the movie featured Hollywoke actor Ezra Miller who has been the center of controversy due to his odd woke behavior. It led to a tepid “B” CinemaScore and a $55 million three-day opening. The film also had a soft international opening, bringing in $75 million from 78 markets, with a global total of $139 million. David A. Gross, who runs the movie consulting firm Franchise Entertainment Research, commented, “This is a weak three-day opening for a superhero [film].”

Unfortunately, “Elemental” fared even worse. The Pixar woke animated movie, about opposites who attract, could only muster up a $29.5 million opening, far below expectation. the film was one of the first to promote non-binary characters. Analysts suggested that the film’s lack of brand recognition and its late release to the pandemic era of family movies at home are to blame for its weak box office performance.

However, let’s be real.

Since Disney started with their woke nonsense they haven’t yet made movement at the box office. Parents just aren’t taking their kids to see a Disney movie and it’s not because of a lack of brand recognition. When Toy Story first came out it didn’t have “brand recognition” however, it was a blockbuster. Parents are just saying “no” as they did to Lightyear and other recent films.

When studios push their agenda people are are pushing back and it’s starting to takes its toll.