He Defended His Property, Now He’s In Jail



Last week, authorities in Tennessee arrested 40-year-old Victor Rodriguez following a heated exchange of gunfire outside of his home. According to security video, a group of men were attempting to steal Rodriguez’s vehicle when he confronted them. The video showed the thieves shooting at Rodriguez who returned fire, and then police arrested him.

The suspects are still at large.

Victor’s wife has expressed her confusion at the decision to charge her husband and the lack of attention given to those trying to steal from them with seemingly no consequence. She had to explain to her children that the area was still a safe place to live after the incident.

Doing a little background for the story, it was learned that Shelby County Sheriff FLoyd Bonner Jr. is a Democrat. Bonner was up for re-election in 2022 and ran unopposed because the GOP thought “he [Bonner] has done an exemplary job and deserves everybody’s support. We believe in leadership, and we think that’s what he’s offered.”

Local elections matter; the GOP gave this one away without even trying. Now, a father is being locked up because he protected his property and family.

What we see being done to Rodriguez, Mr. Penny in NYC and others is the Democratic party nullifying the 2nd Amendment by making defending yourself illegal. In April, Vice President Kamala Harris eluded to this happening.


Democrat Sheriff allows a gang of thieves to operate in his county and arrests the man defending himself.

It’s happening all over the country in Democrat-controlled areas.