Hannity Has A Slip Of The Tongue. Did His True Colors Just Come Out? – WATCH


Sean Hannity’s slip of the tongue raises some serious eyebrows.

Hannity and Newsom seemed to yuck it up after the Fox News host referred to Newsom at the President of the United States.

Recently, Hannity sat down with Newsom at the governor’s mansion in Sacramento, California. During a long-form interview, Hannity seemed to elude that Newsom is going to be president one day.

“How much does the state of California have for a death tax?” Hannity asked.

“I don’t know,” Newsom responded. “When Ronald Reagan was governor, livin’ in here – “

“I’m asking when Gavin Newsom is president.”

Newsom didn’t pick up on it at first: “Let me say this, I – ” he began to answer.

That’s when Hannity self-corrected: “I mean when Gavin Newsom is governor. Slip of the tongue!”

Newsom has stated that he is in no way trying to run however, his battle with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis seem to say otherwise.

“If you were president and China wants to fulfill their territorial ambition and take Taiwan, what would you do?” Hannity asked.

“I’m not going to get into the – ” Newsom began to say.


“That’s a more nuanced and complicated thing,” Newsom said. “That’s for a presidential aspirant to answer.”

Hannity then tried the direct route: “Under no circumstances would you consider running for president – running for the Democratic nomination?”

“No,” Newsom replied.


“None, not after this conversation,” he replied.

Sean Hannity has reclaimed the top primetime host after losing it to Tucker Carlson years ago. Sean Hannity is one of the few primetime hosts that seemed to survive the fallout after the Dominion lawsuit.

During the battle over who will be the Speaker of the House Sean Hannity went total RINO on Rep. Lauren Boebert who ended up being part of the group that made a great negotiation with McCarthy.

“Who is your final choice for speaker, and if you can’t get more than 30 votes, will you follow your own advice… and withdraw?” Hannity asked.

“Is this a game show?” Hannity mocked after Boebert.

The Congresswoman held her ground.

“We need to find somebody who can actually unify the Republican party,” Boebert noted.

Boebert held her ground with other conservatives and ended up striking a deal with McCarthy that up to the writing of this post has worked out.

It was learned that Hannity gave a deposition in the Dominion lawsuit stating he did not believe any of the claims the Trump campaign made in 2020.

“I did not believe it for one second,” Hannity said in the released deposition.