Former Israeli PM Gives Update Following Attack


Former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has strongly criticized President Joe Biden for his weak response to Iran’s unprecedented missile attack on Israel this weekend. Bennett slammed the Biden administration for pressuring Israel to not retaliate and for declaring a “victory” over the attack, which saw hundreds of projectiles launched at Israel.

Bennett, a leading conservative voice in Israeli politics, rejected the idea that the attack was simply a show for Iran’s domestic audience. He pointed out the variety of weapons used and the coordinated timing of the attack as evidence that Iran was looking to cause real damage and harm to innocent Israelis.

The former prime minister also pushed back against the Biden administration’s notion that intercepting 99% of the projectiles was a “win” for Israel. He argued that this approach only emboldens the enemy, who will continue to escalate their attacks with more advanced weapons in the future.

“No, it’s NOT a victory,” Bennett wrote. “When a bully tries to hit you 350 times and only succeeds seven time, you’ve NOT won. You don’t win wars just by intercepting your enemy’s hits, nor do you deter it. Your enemy will just try harder with more and better weapons and methods next time.”

Instead, Bennett called for a strong and decisive response to deter any further aggression from Iran. He emphasized that the true enemy is not the citizens of Iran but their oppressive and extremist government.

Bennett also warned of the dangerous precedent this type of attack sets for terrorism worldwide. Allowing terrorists to hide behind civilians and escape consequences will only encourage more brutal and savage acts.

He called on Israel’s allies, specifically the United States, to stand with them in this tough moment and support their efforts to defeat these savage regimes. Bennett stressed that Israel was fully capable of defending itself, but they needed their allies’ support and solidarity.

Bennett emphasized that the attack was a mistake by Iran and that their regime would eventually collapse, just as the Soviet Union did. He urged for a stronger stance against Tehran and its tentacles in Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, and Gaza. The former prime minister made it clear that Israel would continue to defend itself, but they needed their allies’ support to take a stand against this growing threat to global security.

“I’ll be clear: if these crazy fanatic Islamic terrorists get away with murder by hiding among civilians, this method will be adopted by terrorists worldwide,” he concluded. “We’re not asking anyone to fight for us. We’ll do the job. But we do expect our allies to have our back, especially when it’s tough — and now it’s tough. Be on the right side and help us defeat these horrible and savage regimes.”