Disney Plus Price Increase Draw Reaction


“Disney+ is in for some real trouble after it seems like they’re pushing their fans too far. The streaming service has recently announced a massive price increase that has caused many subscribers to call it quits.

The monetary move is expected to rock the UK branch of Disney, where Twitter user, @mellyfrateli took to the social media platform to share her shock about the price hike, showing off her bank statements, which reveal the previously reasonable cost of $63 per year jumping to a whopping $139.50 per year.

The snarky social media comment went viral and has caught the eyes of countless Disney customers, many of whom are preparing to end their subscriptions to the Mouse’s streaming service.

She wrote, “Goodbye Disney+, you must be crazy x.” She also shared a screenshot of her bank statement which showed that in 2020, she had paid $63.45 for the Disney+ annual premium subscription. In 2021, she spent $76.15, and in 2022, it cost her $101.40. Her post went viral and has been viewed more than 4.3 million times.

Those on Twitter have quickly dubbed the fiscal increase as “outrageous” and a blatant money grab that Disney can no longer hide behind the socialist style of cable TV of years past.

This is not the first time the streaming giant has been under fire. The company’s assets had a disastrous year at the box office and just recently lost 1.3 million subscribers. This troublesome situation has led many Hollywood insiders to believe that streaming is disrupting how we, the customer, consume TV and films and, most importantly, choose which ones we are willing to pay for.

Streaming gives us the power of choice, a concept Hollywood has been running away from for decades. It comes as no surprise that the leaders of the Connecticut-based company are experiencing mild heart palpitations.

While Disney is still making money from other avenues, they are expected to suffer a substantial blow to the far too many, far too mediocre channels that they’ve created.

The Disney Grooming Syndicate is facing a ‘wave of subscriber cancellations’ in their wake. I guess it’s true; it really is time to stick it to the Mouse!”