Comer Says Biden Family Business Dealings May Be a National Security Risk – Watch


Biden’s Treasury Department has thwarted a real investigation into his family’s business deals for years now. It has been scandalous the way they have diverted attention from where it belongs. 

Before the GOP took over the House, James Comer (R-KY) tried and tried to get records, but the Democrats just changed the rules to prevent members of Congress from accessing that kind of information. 

And even when the Republicans took over the House, the Treasury Department would not comply at first. 

But that has changed now that the House Oversight Committee has subpoenaed bank records and they had an official do an interview on the record explaining why the Department had not complied in the past. 

On Tuesday, House Oversight Committee Chairman Comer announced that the Treasury Department had finally been forced to cooperate and was turning over records.

They already have access to bank records from three Hunter Biden associates, including Rob Walker. They’re now reviewing 14 years of SARs from Bank of America.

Comer got on Sean Hannity’s show Monday night and Fox Tuesday morning to talk about what they have found so far.

According to Comer, Walker wired millions by CCP-connected individuals two months after Joe Biden stopped being vice president. This money was given to three Biden family members including one member whose name has never been included as a recipient of any money. 

Comer said that he believes this is influence peddling, and that raises questions about people then being foreign agents. Because foreign agents have to legally be registered, this raises the possibility that the law was broken. 

Comer said there was a “problem” with figuring out what they were doing to get such sums of money from the CCP-connected people. “I think every American should be concerned about that,” Comer declared. “This is an issue of national security.”