Biden’s Last Interview Is On Comedy Central…That’s Perfect – Watch


Uh Oh…Biden sat down for another interview. All the White House aids must have been holding their breath. This interview wasn’t with a hard-hitting journalist, it was with Kai Penn of the “Harold and Kumar” movies as well as a former Obama official. 

The interview was aired on Comedy Central which seems just right for this president. 

Did they talk about the banking crisis, massive inflation, high-interest rates, Ukraine, or the Middle East? Nope.

They talked about gay marriage and climate change, you know, the most pressing issues of today.

Biden: “I can remember exactly when my epiphany [on supporting gay marriage] was … I was a senior in high school. And my dad was dropping me off and I remember I was about to get out of the car and I looked to my right and two well-dressed men in suits kissed each other.”

Are you kidding me? That means one day in Delaware around the year 1960, two men dressed in suits near a high school just started making out in public.

And if this was an epiphany when Biden was 18, how do you explain that he voted to protect traditional marriage in 1996? He opposed gay marriage until he was the vice president. 

Here is Biden on climate change: “Mother Nature let her wrath be seen over the last 2 years. For example, I’ve traveled on helicopter over more forest area burned to the ground than the entire state of Md. … If we don’t keep the temperature from going above 1.5C, then … [a] whole generation is damned”

Biden again: “We’re going to need fossil fuels for at least the next 10 yrs … Well, guess what? We hooked [a Mass. coal power plant] up to wind technology & now it’s cheaper. We can do solar, we can do wind cheaper than we can do fossil fuels”

But…the fires of the last several years were almost totally due to human sabotage or mismanagement of ground brush. 

And the coal power plant he is talking about isn’t even operating. 

There is no lie too crazy or too small for this president.