Colorado Governor Response To Viral Video


Jaiden, a twelve-year-old student at The Vanguard School in Colorado Springs, found himself in a difficult situation with his teachers when he wore a backpack adorned with a patch of the Gadsden flag. As a result, he was promptly dismissed from class and his mother was summoned to the office to address Jaiden’s alleged wrongdoing.

As per a member of the school staff, the renowned flag was prohibited on campus because of its association with slavery and the slave trade. This revelation brought a clear sense of amusement to Jaiden, who evidently possesses a deeper understanding of his nation’s history than his own school.

The flag was widely flown during the Revolutionary War as a symbol of the people’s defiance against the oppressive rule of the British monarchy, which had exploited and mistreated the American people. It was this very conflict that ignited the war, ultimately paving the way for the birth of what would later become the United States.

In a video shared by Connor Boyack, the author of Tuttle Twins, school staff can be seen discussing the perceived racist connotations of the flag with a parent. However, the mother quickly interjects and corrects the staff member, providing accurate information about the origin and significance of the Gadsden Flag. Her swift response showcases her knowledge and ensures that the truth is upheld in the conversation.

“Yeah, it has nothing to do with slavery. That’s like the Revolutionary War patch that was displayed when they were fighting the British,” said the mother.
While speaking, the school staff member animatedly gestured with her hands and shook her head. After the mother mentioned the possibility of considering the Confederate Flag, the staff member defended her actions, stating that she was simply enforcing the policy given to her. Moreover, the staff member acknowledged the mother’s right to hold a differing opinion on the matter.
Nevertheless, the mother remained dissatisfied, persisting by pointing out that even the ACLU acknowledges Jaiden’s right to wear this patch if he desires to do so.

After a series of exchanges, the school staff member, who had previously attempted to argue that the flag was racist, repeatedly fell back on “school policy.” However, the mother eloquently countered their argument. She pointed out that the school was teaching about the Revolutionary War in the 7th grade, highlighting how the founding fathers stood up against unjust laws—much like the policy that led to Jaiden’s unjust removal from class.

As Boyack notes, the story doesn’t end there.

Jeff Yocum, the Director of Operations at the Vanguard School, sought to further validate the school’s policy regarding the Gadsden Flag. He referenced the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s acknowledgment that the flag “originated in the Revolutionary War in a non-racial context.” However, he also acknowledged that, despite its historical origins and intended meaning, the flag has at times been associated with racially-charged connotations.

Yocum attempted to strengthen their argument by referencing a “graphic design scholar” from an article on According to the scholar, the Gadsden flag may now be perceived as a symbol of intolerance, hate, or even racism. Jaiden attempted to take his story to the local press but they declined to interview him.

Furthermore, Yocum alleged that Jaiden was violating a rule by displaying the flag, as it fell under the category of items prohibited on campus, which included references to drugs, tobacco, alcohol, or weapons. The desperation with which Yocum sought to justify their biased interpretation of a patriotic flag is evident, and if it appears so to you as well, you are not alone.

Well, even the Democrat Governor of Colorado has gotten involved and set the school straight.