Biden Speaks At Morehouse Graduation


As expected, Joe Biden proved to be a complete and utter mess during his commencement address at Morehouse College. His confusion and lack of coherence were evident from the start, as he aimlessly stared off into space before finally mustering up some words.

But it didn’t take long for him to fumble again, this time with his out-of-touch and pandering statements. His desperate attempts to connect with the audience by mentioning the “Morehouse men” in the White House fell flat, showcasing his lack of genuine care for the African American community.

And let’s not forget his attempt to brag about his civil rights past despite his numerous racist comments in the past. How can we trust someone who claims to champion justice and equality yet has a history of disrespecting and marginalizing minority groups?

The cherry on top was his slurred and incoherent speech, with his head constantly turning towards the teleprompter as he struggled to read and follow it. How can someone who can’t even deliver a coherent speech be expected to lead a country?

But the most disrespectful act of all was Biden’s decision to leave the ceremony before it was even over. It speaks volumes to his lack of commitment and respect towards the students and their accomplishments.

And let’s not forget his blatant lies about Georgia’s election laws, trying to paint them as discriminatory while conveniently leaving out essential details. It’s just another example of Biden’s willingness to play the race card for political gain while ignoring the actual impact on the people he claims to support.

Ultimately, Morehouse College made a grave mistake by giving Biden an honorary degree. Instead, they should have given an extra degree to all the students who had to endure his confusing and pandering rhetoric. Because if that’s the best this administration has to offer, we’re in for a rough and tumultuous future.