Biden Getting Strong Support From Family


We’ve got some big news from President Joe Biden’s campaign this weekend. Despite a rocky debate performance, top Democrats are rallying behind Biden while his advisers work hard to quash any talk of him stepping aside. Let’s dive into the details.

On Sunday, Biden’s campaign manager, Julie Chavez Rodriguez, held a tense call with about 40 of Biden’s top financial backers. She laid out the complications of replacing Biden on the ticket, emphasizing that he has no intention of stepping down. According to insiders, most of the campaign’s significant war chest would fall to Vice President Kamala Harris if Biden did step aside, while a smaller portion would go to the Democratic National Committee.

Senator Chris Coons of Delaware joined the call and stressed that any process to replace Biden would be “messy” and that Harris would likely become the nominee. This call was one of several similar conversations top Biden advisers have had with Democratic officials and donors since Biden’s shaky debate performance.

Meanwhile, Biden’s family, who hold significant influence over him, gathered at Camp David for a long-planned meeting. According to sources, their message was clear: “Keep fighting.” This sentiment was captured during a photo shoot with famed photographer Annie Leibovitz. However, some family members have expressed frustration with the aides responsible for preparing Biden for the debate.

Despite these internal tensions, Biden’s campaign is focusing on positive responses from voters and grassroots supporters. Biden campaign pollster Molly Murphy noted on MSNBC that voters felt Biden came across as caring about middle- and working-class Americans, especially when compared to Trump.

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries echoed this sentiment, stating, “It certainly was a setback. But of course, I believe a setback is nothing more than a setup for a comeback.”

During the call with donors, Chavez Rodriguez highlighted that the campaign has raised $33 million since the debate and received hundreds of new applications from people wanting to join the campaign. Senator Coons also made a strong case for Biden, pointing to his recent international gatherings and his campaign rally in North Carolina as evidence that the debate was just a bad night.

Still, some donors are anxious, with one participant noting that while many are firmly behind Biden, “a lot of the participants are frightened.” There were tough comments from donors, and some even asked about having their contributions refunded.

A senior Democratic official who has spoken directly with Biden and his team said the campaign is “powering through.” However, he acknowledged that the next two weeks will be critical. “We’ll have polls, and we’ll have a money count. If they’re good, it leans that he remains in the race. And if it’s not, all bets are off,” the official said.

Well, the bets may be off. Watch the video below…I think she speaks for most of us!

Here is another video for you to question- Who is really behind Joe Biden?

Of course, they’ll resort to their lies as usual.