Banned Reporter Slams Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot on He Way Out – Watch


Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, a Democrat, is what many consider to be the worst mayor in America. She is now on her way out of office because the city let her know last month that her time was done. 

Lightfoot, of course, blamed racism and sexism for her defeat instead of owning up to the many failures she had in crime, business, and homelessness in the Windy City. 

The outgoing mayor has also been a failure because of her position on the First Amendment. She initiated a racist interview policy for a short time where white reporters were excluded, and she used the Chicago PD to have the press credentials of a conservative journalist revoked because he asked hard questions and was allegedly too “aggressive” with Lightfoot. 

That journalist was William Kelly, and he was in attendance at the most recent Chicago City Council meeting. He addressed Lightfoot during the “public comment” portion of the meeting because he is still not allowed to have his press privileges. Kelly did file a lawsuit last summer with is still pending. 

Kelly did not hold back when he got his chance, he said she had retaliated against him because videos of his confrontations with her went viral and caused her to be embarrassed.

“I used to be sitting over there with my colleagues, but I’m standing over here,” he said pointing toward the press pool. “You told me that crime was down, my videos went viral, amassed millions likes and shares, and it was hurting your re-election campaign, so you revoked my media credential.”

Kelly also talked about the harm she had inflicted on the city. 

“You shut down our schools, you shut down the churches, you shut down the businesses. You did the one thing I thought could never happen: As somebody who was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, I never thought in my life that I would ever see the city of Chicago brought down so low,” reporter William Kelly said. 

“I hope that, after today’s city council meeting, you will pack your suitcase and get the hell out of my city.”