Watch: Alec Baldwin Gets Into Confrontation With Protestors


In a recent incident in New York City, actor Alec Baldwin found himself in the midst of a tense confrontation with anti-Israel protesters. The encounter took place on Monday evening as Baldwin was walking near West 29th Street, close to a fiery demonstration at Penn Station and Grand Central Station.

Hundreds of protesters opposing Israel’s military campaign in Gaza against Hamas, had gathered at these major transit hubs. When Baldwin was recognized by the demonstrators, they approached him, accusing him of supporting Israel. The situation escalated quickly, with protesters berating the actor and questioning his stance on the Israel-Gaza conflict.

NYPD officers were required to escort Baldwin during the confrontation. Despite the heated atmosphere, Baldwin engaged with the protesters, stating, “No, I support peace for Gaza,” in response to inquiries about his stance on Israel. The exchange between Baldwin and the protesters was marked by sharp exchanges and accusations.

A source close to Baldwin provided insight into the situation, explaining that the actor was on his way to volunteer for an acting class and had no intention of participating in the protest. The source emphasized that Baldwin was approached aggressively and that police intervention was necessary to ensure his safety.

Meanwhile, the protests at Penn Station and Grand Central Terminal were part of a larger series of demonstrations. Protesters managed to enter Moynihan Train Hall at Penn Station despite initial efforts by the police to restrict access. They chanted slogans like “cease-fire now” as they moved through the hall.

Earlier in the day, protesters had also entered Grand Central Station, chanting in support of Palestinians. The demonstrations led to warnings from Metro-North Railroad and Long Island Railroad about possible access restrictions, and the city’s emergency notification system advised the public of potential traffic delays.

These protests in New York City are part of a series of pro-Palestinian demonstrations that have rocked the city over the last two months. The protests have been a response to the ongoing conflict in Gaza.