Dem Congresswoman Hammered With Explosives Allegations


Rep. Katie Porter, a rising California Democrat, is under fire for her alleged history of anger issues and reports of abusive language toward staff. As she runs for Dianne Feinstein‘s coveted seat, Porter must prove to voters and donors that she is a suitable candidate for the role.

Porter‘s divorce documents have resurfaced to, telling the story of a messy and dramatic ending to the congresswoman‘s marriage that left her one of Capitol Hill‘s rare single moms raising schoolage children. It‘s alleged Porter used vulgar language towards her exhusband, Matthew Hoffman, and dumped a bowl of steaming hot boiled potatoes on his head.

Hoffman said Porter frequently said things likeyou f***ing idiot!’ andyou‘re f***ing incompetent.’She would not let me have a cell phone because she said,you‘re too f***ing dumb to operate it,” Hoffman said. He also alleged Porter was prone toextreme anger and had ahistory of snapping and screaming at [him] and the children,’ and wouldclaw and scratch her arms while blaming him for the markings.

Stories have come out where Porter has physically, emotionally and mentally abused Hoffman. Incidences like…Hoffman said Porter came into the kitchen as he was making jello one night to go along with dinner and said,Are you so f***ing stupid you can‘t make jello? How f***ing dumb are you!’

Porter did not confine the anger to just her husband and kids, she also ambushed coworkers. Text messages have come to light where an angry Porter told a staffer, Wounded Warrior fellow Sasha GeorgiadesYou gave me Covid and told her not to return to the office. Georgiades said she felt Porter wasvery dismissive andshorttempered.’

Is this type of behavior trustworthy to be making decisions on a Senator level?