Dems Embroiled In Sex Scandal


The people of San Diego have been fighting an uphill battle against the progressive junta that has taken over their city. From banning natural gas to proposed mileage taxes to rigging the scales so the votes of Democratic supervisors and their representatives from heavily populated sections of the county are weighted more, citizens have had to endure a socialist, woke hellhole that the city has become.

The latest development to come out of the progressive playground is the resignation of Nathan Fletcher, the County Supervisor for District 4. Fletcher, a former Republican, had switched parties twice in a bid to become San Diego mayor but failed. He was then married to a former Democratic assemblywoman who is now a union boss, Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher. And this guy, scummy as they come, apparently stood up for sexual assault survivors. Ironic much?

According to a lawsuit filed in Superior Court, Fletcher allegedly sexually harassed and assaulted a young Hispanic female staffer at the Metropolitan Transit System, which Fletcher chaired. The suit claims that Fletcher stalked the staffers Instagram account and abruptly fired her the same day he announced his candidacy for the California State Senate.

Of course there are “reasons” behind is actions…

The lawsuit also alleges that the Fletchers and their lawyer threatened to destroy the staffer if she filed a lawsuit, and the couple has since fired her from her city job. Adding insult to injury, it was also revealed that Fletcher and Gonzalez had charged the county almost $2 million for their security needs since late 2021.

City officials and the people of San Diego are speaking out against him and his actions.

It‘s appalling that a powerful elected official would use his position to harass and assault a member of his staff, said San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria.This is unacceptable and the people of San Diego deserve better.

The people of San Diego are hoping that this scandal will bring more transparency and accountability to their city.

Enough is enough, said San Diego resident Sandra Lopez.Were tired of the corruption in this city and we want to see real change.

The next few weeks are going to be interesting for San Diegans and possibly even beneficial. Interesting to say the least.