After Biden’s Last Speech, Is It Time to Apply 25th Amendment? – Watch


It’s just a colossal broken record playing over and over again. The president once again blundered his way through a public speech and crossed the line into offensive words. 

Biden took the podium just hours after a school shooting took place in Nashville. He delivered some crazy rants about what kind of ice cream he likes to eat, which was pretty much the most coherent part of his speech. 

Following such bad news in Nashville, Biden chose to open his remarks by laughing about how much he loves chocolate chip ice cream.

Makes sense…

He certainly did not take a minute to read the room and he showed no real compassion for the victims of such a violent crime. 

The longer he went in his speech the more incongruent his words became. At one point he seemed confused about what job he had, he talked about being a senator. 

After the music that was supposed to be playing him off the stage, the president spontaneously picked up a microphone and said, “I gotta go … There’s a little thing going on in, around the world, um, anyway, thank you.”

This isn’t the first time Biden has forgotten exactly what office he holds, several times before he made statements about still being a senior or confusing Kamala Harris for the president. 

It’s not just words that Biden is mixing up, it’s the slurred speech and the way he seems to lean in and whisper. It’s just kind of creepy. 

His look is not normal either, he seems like he’s high on something. His eyes are small and his skin is tight and sometimes it looks like he can’t control his mannerisms. 

At one point he told a woman who owns a small business that she was “helping America be a company where everyone, everyone can participate.”

How is it that no one is calling for the 25th Amendment?