Conservative Journalists FOIA Requests Footage After Interaction With School Officials


Well, this is about to turn everything on its head.

The O’Keefe media group has obtained through a Freedom of Information Act body camera footage of officers interacting with Livingston School Board officials who were worried about upset parents.

The school board officials called upset parents “Trumpish.”

The police officer and the assistant superintendent seemed to forget that the body camera was on while discussing how horrible it was that a citizen journalists dared to attend a public meeting.

O’Keefe media group obtained 45 minutes of conversation of them berating citizens.

As a matter of fact, now they have a video of the police officer berating the journalists.

You can watch the entire report below.

School officials told the officer that the journalists have no right to be at the meeting. However, the New Jersey Open Public Meetings Act allows anyone to attend school board meetings regardless of where they live.

What seems to have the school board so upset is that O’Keefe hid a camera during the meeting and captured what the officials had to say about parents.

That’s was had them so upset and called the police.

O’Keefe has said that he has a lot more videos where that came from and will be releasing it shortly.

The smug behavior by school officials was also captured earlier this week when a 12-year-old boy was kicked out of class for having a Gadsden Flag patch.

It’s no wonder there have been reports that school attendance has been dropping like a hot rock.