Two Submarines Filled with Cocaine Found in Different Oceans – Watch


As if we didn’t have enough to worry about with illegal drugs and the chaos at the southern border of the United States. Now we know about two submarines that authorities believe were used to transport cocaine.

These vessels were discovered and seized by officials this week in Europe and South America.

The Colombian Navy said in a statement this week that it interdicted a semi-submersible in the Pacific Ocean that was about 50 feet long and contained almost 3 tons of cocaine. Officials valued the drugs at $87 million.

There were two people on the craft who were experiencing serious health conditions due to some sort of accident that occurred onboard involving breathing in toxic fumes. Two other people were found dead on board.

And then on Tuesday, Spain’s Civil Guard took possession of a submarine off the coast of the northwestern region of Galicia. Officials say it may have carried cocaine too.

It was about the same size as the one found by Colombia’s Navy in the Pacific, but this one was empty when authorities seized it from the bottom of the ocean floor.

Spanish authorities seized a similar vessel with three tons of cocaine on it in 2019.

Most of the world’s cocaine comes from three countries in northern South America: Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia.

Colombia produces the most cocaine out of the three nations. One estimate indicated that 460,000 acres in the country were growing coca plants.

The amount of cocaine being grown in Colombia is so high that “unpicked coca leaves are rotting in the fields,” the report said.

“We’ve never seen anything like it before,” said Luis Carlos Villegas, Colombia’s defense minister.

Drug cartels build these submarines in the swamps of Colombia and they are used only once to transport hundreds of millions of dollars worth of cocaine to a port. The vessel is then discarded by the crew.