McConnell Gets Heckled, Drowned Out During Speech, ‘Resign!’ – WATCH


Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader from Kentucky, was met with intense heckling from the audience of the longstanding “Fancy Farm Picnic” held Saturday, August 1st, in his home state. As McConnell began to address the crowd, widely circulated video clips on social media show attendees shouting phrases such as “retire,” “lost the Senate,” and jeering boos.

Although McConnell did not directly address the outcry of disapproval from the crowd, he continued to speak, calling attention to the good fortune of the Republican Party during this time. This statement provoked even further criticism from the crowd and he was heckled for 5 straight minutes.

The Senate Minority Leader’s eventful speech follows on the trails of several health-related instances within the past few months. On July 22, during a weekly Republican leadership news conference, McConnell froze for 19 seconds before being walked away by Senator John Barrasso, a top McConnell deputy. McConnell assured the press afterward that he was feeling fine. On July 8, McConnell fell at a Washington, D.C. airport but was not seriously injured.

In March of this year, McConnell was hospitalized with a concussion and minor rib fracture, before he was released a few days later to enter rehab. He returned to the Senate in mid-April, and in mid-June he was named the longest-serving Senate party leader in U.S. history. These recent health events, combined with his ongoing criticism from his own party, has many people questioning if McConnell will be able to serve out his full two-year term as Senate Minority Leader.

In response to McConnell’s appearance at the picnic, former President Donald Trump, shared a mocking post on the Truth Social platform about the event. McConnell’s office has yet to release a statement in response to the public reception of his speech.