Senator Joni Ernest Caught Making Statement On Hot Mic


Gather around because we’ve got a juicy bit of political drama that’s sure to make you chuckle.

A Republican senator was caught on a hot mic, and what she said about President Joe Biden is making waves.

After a press conference on the U.S.-Mexico border situation on Tuesday, Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) was caught sharing a rather peculiar piece of advice with Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.). What was it?

Ernst leaned in and said, “Bottom line, never trust a man whose uncle was eaten by cannibals.” Now, if you’re scratching your head and wondering where that came from, let’s unpack this quirky comment.

It turns out Ernst was referring to a story Biden told in April about his grandfather, Ambrose Finnegan. Biden had recounted how Finnegan, who was in the Army Air Corps before the Air Force existed, flew reconnaissance flights over New Guinea during World War II.

Biden claimed his grandfather’s plane was shot down in an area infamously inhabited by cannibals at the time. According to Biden, the government never recovered Finnegan’s body but did find parts of the plane.

However, this story seems to have a few gaps. An article from 1944 mentioned that Finnegan was a passenger on a plane that went down, but it didn’t say it was shot down. Moreover, there’s no clear evidence supporting Biden’s claim about the area being rife with cannibals. So, where did this colorful detail come from? That’s anyone’s guess!

Back to the hot mic moment – Sen. Ernst’s comment has since become a talking point, sparking both amusement and curiosity. It’s not every day you hear a senator discuss cannibalism in relation to presidential trustworthiness!