Schiff Comments On Trump During Interview With Psaki


Looks like Adam Schiff just can’t quit his obsession with Russia and their supposed meddling in our elections. During a recent interview with former White House Press Secretary and current MSNBC host Jen Psaki, Schiff expressed his concern that Russia could once again interfere and potentially help Trump in the 2024 election. Here we go again with the same old tired narrative.

Schiff expressed his worry to Psaki, saying, “It wouldn’t be the first time Russia intervened in our election. It wouldn’t be the first time they’ve done it to try to elect Donald Trump.” Come on, Schiff, haven’t we heard this before? It’s like he’s stuck on repeat, blaming Russia for everything that doesn’t go his way.

But it’s not just about Trump this time, according to Schiff. Russia apparently has more at stake now, with the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and NATO expanding. And of course, Schiff couldn’t resist throwing in some jabs at Trump and the GOP, saying they have made Russia feel “beleaguered” and that the US is no longer supporting Ukraine because of Trump’s influence.

Psaki, trying to play the role of the unbiased journalist, asks Schiff if we should all be “spending more time talking about” this potential interference. Hmm, we can see where this is going. But Schiff wasn’t going to miss his opportunity to spin the situation in his favor. “Yes, we should fully expect them to engage,” he says. Surprise, surprise.

It’s pretty telling that Schiff is already trying to plant the seeds of doubt and excuse-making for a Trump victory in 2024. We can’t even give him a rest for a few years? It’s as if Democrats are allergic to accepting an actual loss, so now they’re trying to preemptively blame future losses on Russia. It’s the same old tactic they used in 2016 with the whole Mueller investigation and collusion delusion.

You’d think Schiff would have learned by now that constantly crying “Russia” doesn’t work anymore. But when you have no other game plan, I guess you just keep hitting replay on the same old tired tape. Keep dreaming, Schiff, and let’s hope you finally let go of this obsession.

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