Radio Station In Trouble Over Beyonce Single


Recently, an Oklahoma-based country radio station has been under fire for allegedly denying a fan’s request to play Beyoncé’s new single, “Texas Hold ‘Em.” This incident has sparked controversy and accusations of racism towards the radio station, prompting a response from the station’s owner to clarify the situation.

Beyoncé, who is best known for her R&B and pop music, announced the release of two new country singles during the Super Bowl, along with an upcoming album that is expected to feature heavy country influences. This exciting news prompted one fan to request the newly released single on Oklahoma’s 100.1 KYKC. However, they were met with a response from the station stating that they do not play Beyoncé’s music because they are a country music station.

The disappointed fan took to social media to share the exchange, which quickly went viral and prompted others to call out the station for racism and discrimination against Beyoncé. They called for listeners to start flooding the station with requests for the song.

After receiving a significant amount of backlash and negative attention, KYKC responded on social media, stating that “lots of calls were coming in” for Beyoncé’s single and that it would be played on their station. The station also mentioned that it would be added to their playlist.

In response to the controversy, the owner of KYKC’s parent company, South Central Oklahoma Radio Enterprises, issued a statement to clarify the situation. They explained that they were not aware that Beyoncé had released a country song and did not have the track when the fan initially requested it. They also stated that they had been playing Beyoncé’s music for 20 years and that the incident had nothing to do with racism.

The statement also clarified that their company is a minority-owned company and that they play music based on its quality, not the artist’s race or appearance. They take pride in the fact that Beyoncé has been a core artist for them for many years and mentioned that they have added the single to not only their country station but also their top 40 and classic hits stations.

According to the owner, the delay in adding the song to their playlist was due to the fact that they did not receive the track from any label or distributor. They responded immediately as soon as they were able to obtain the song.

The situation at KYKC was not an act of racism or discrimination, but rather a misunderstanding and delay in being able to access the song. The station takes pride in being a diverse and inclusive music platform that plays quality music regardless of the artist. This incident serves as a reminder to always look into all aspects of a situation before jumping to conclusions and making accusations. Let’s use this as an opportunity to come together and celebrate the diverse range of talents and genres in the music industry.